Work methodology

Our methodology allows us to work in a clear streamlined fashion, implementing high quality improvements focused on positive economic impacts within planned deadlines.


An improvement study is done including:

  • Current process mapping and analysis, we interview and hear every person involved
  • The company’s available technology and its use is analyzed
  • Methodologies: Root cause analysis, Design thinking, Problem solving, Process Engineering


Solutions are proposed based on:

  • Previous experience
  • Theoretical knowledge, practical improvements
  • Creative thinking
  • New technologies/improve existing implementations

Are prioritized based on return, investment, time and the company’s strategy.


  • Systems implementation with pilots and test areas
  • We work in plant with the staff
  • Impact and effectiveness is measured
  • Every improvement is framed in a global improvement project - Project management


  • Scale solutions to more areas
  • Polish solution based on previous experience
  • Add/Modify KPIs
  • Add/Modify functionalities


  • Performance is measured
  • Processes are controlled
  • Problems are detected and corrected
  • New improvements are planned quantifying the impact


  • Support
  • Follow up support to ensure process continuity
  • Implemented process audit
  • Improvement suggestions